If you would like to add your Bitcoin related website to the directory for free, you must link back to my site prior to submitting the form. I check each and every link request so please allow 48 hrs for me to check your submission and add it to the directory.  Please don’t bury my link so far deep into your site that it can’t be found. I will be looking for this.

Text Link


If you prefer not to link back to my website. You can submit a 1 time payment of $4.50 worth of bitcoin.

Use this calculator to get the current exchange rate
(type 4.50 in the USD box)

Send one time payment of $4.50 to the following Bitcoin Address: 15NUdRuwitDK3LHqB28gmVMsJNVzUPsSWm

Once you have submitted payment, please include your TxId when submitting the form,

Example TxID:

Once I have confirmed your payment. I will add your website to the directory permanently. There are NO reoccurring fee’s associated with the directory, only the 1 time payment.

Paypal Payment
If Bitcoin payments are an issue for you, submit the form but include “Paypal” in the TxID field and I will follow up with you on where to send the payment too after the form is submitted.

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