South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Implement Self-Regulation

Bitcoin Price Falls Sharply After Nearing a $2800 All-Time High

Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges Resume Withdrawals

The Bitcoin Exchange Thefts You May Have Forgotten

21 Inc’s New Venture: Email That Pays Recipients in Bitcoin

Ignore the State’s Coming Blockchain Grab. Be Happy Libertarians

Canadian Luxury Home Listed for Sale on Beijing Craigslist for 1,075 Bitcoins

Members of the Bitcoin Community Create $1.2M Grant

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How to Use Bitcoin to Become a Perpetual Traveler

With Segwit, Litecoin Faces a (Soft) Fork in the Road

Finland’s Central Bank Explores Blockchain Technology

Creating Altcoins is Easy, Maintaining One is Not

Following a Day of Delays, Lukejr Proposes to Decrease the Block Size

John McAfee Joins Blockchain Firm’s Security Committee

Meet Bitcoin Unlimited Developer Andrew Stone

Antigua and Barbuda Drafts Laws to ‘Implement’ Bitcoin

The Recently Discovered Cloudflare Bug Could Affect Bitcoin Users

US Treasury Report: DLT Data Storage Raises Oversight Concerns Launches Blockchain-Based Notary Page

Developers Clash Over Accusations of “Exploit” and Secret Core Organization

Bitcoin Black Friday: 15% Off World’s Biggest Selection of Crypto-Products

Bats Exchange Fights Back Against SEC’s Decision to Reject Bitcoin ETF

The Lightning Network Alpha Release is Ready for Testing

India’s Mahindra Group Develops Blockchain With IBM

Mastercard Gets Serious With Four Blockchain Patents

Class-Action Suit Targets ICO Promoted By Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Las Vegas Strip Club Aims to Use Cryptocurrency for Daily Operations

“Fake Satoshi” Dorian Nakamoto is Probably $273,000 Richer After Selling His Bitcoins

Bitcoin Bulls Face ‘Alt’ Competition in Push to $20k

Pirate Party in Netherlands Determined to Keep Using Bitcoin

Judges Shoot Down Silk Road Operator’s Appeal Bid

Not Even the ‘Great Firewall’ Can Stop OTC Bitcoin Trading in China

Increased Bitcoin Demand Puts a Strain on Global Exchanges

Bitcoin Adds Privacy To Bitcoin Betting: Interview With Nitrogen Sports

South Korean Bank Creates Cross-Border Bitcoin Service

Bitcoin is Tapping Into the Laws of Nature – Part 2

Like Gold, Bitcoin’s Cryptography Has Been Valued for Millennia

PR: Crypto Trust Network $CTN ICO Launches: It’s Time to Bring Trust Back to the Trustless Network and Fight Crypto Fraud

The One Man Supreme Court Bitlicense Battle Begins in Two Weeks

Is Bitcoin the Currency of Artificial Intelligence?

Markets Update: Bitcoin Price Rise Climbs to Uncharted Territory

Uber Wars: Cell 411 Offers Rides for Bitcoin, Monero or Almost Anything

Ethereum, Ripple And Litecoin Have Arrived on Bloomberg Terminals

Europe Committed to Tightening Digital Currency Rules by End of 2017

EthBits Launches Token Crowd Sale to Build Next Gen Digital Currency Exchange

India’s Government May Be Preparing to Legalize and Regulate Bitcoin This Summer

CFTC Rules May Be More Blockchain-Friendly Under Trump

The Wings Platform Will Integrate Airbitz Edge Security

Decentralized Token Exchange Radar Relay Raises $3 Million’s 4BTC Forum Competition Ends March 1st

Russia’s Vnesheconombank Reveals Blockchain Product Strategy

‘Covenants’ Mean You Can Burn Stolen Bitcoins

Galaxy Mining Directs its Hashrate Towards’s Pool

Ukraine Bank Roadmap: Blockchain-Based Payments by Q4 2017

Israeli Regulator Won’t Allow Bitcoin Firms Be Included in Stock Indices

Bitcoin’s Price Value Is Racing Upwards

Private Schools for Kids Are Now Accepting Bitcoin for Tuition

Class Action Lawsuit Against Cryptsy Now Targets Coinbase

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Surpasses the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights Reserves

Deloitte Accepts Bitcoin at its Restaurant Due to ‘A Lot of Requests’

Malta’s Prime Minister Says Europe Should Become the Bitcoin Continent

Bitfinex Price Spreads Bring Uncertainty to Bitcoin’s Price Rally

Craig Wright-associated Nchain Claimed to Be Largest Acquisition in Bitcoin History

Sweden Sees Record Trading Volume as MP Sundin Joins Bitcoin Exchange BTCX

A Cannabis Industry Icon Accepts Bitcoin

A Better Scaling Solution Than Segwit? Sergio Says So

EY Teams Up With Bitcoin Association of Switzerland

The Bitcoin Network’s Transaction Queue Breaks Another Record

Bitcoin Proponents Are Laser Focused on One Particular Mining Pool

Popular Japanese Capsule Hotels Embracing Bitcoin

Cryptobuyer Installs First Bitcoin ATMs in Latin American Commercial Bank

Markets Update: Bitcoin Price Climbs to Higher Peaks

SEC’s First Bitcoin ETF Deadline is Actually March 13, Not March 11

How Michael Richo Stole Bitcoins via Imposter Exchange Sites and Dark Web Phishing Schemes

Bitcoin’s Price Correction Called in Advance by Analyst

Bitcoin Mining Power Growing Bigger But Greener

Coinbase Halts Litecoin, Ether Trades as Prices Spike

Bitcoin Could Face Ethereum-Style Split

10,000+ EU ATMs to Cash Out Bitcoin

USV’s Fred Wilson: ICOs Won’t Displace VC Investors

Arizona Localbitcoins Trader Detained by U.S. Homeland Security

OKCoin and Huobi Move to End China’s Bitcoin Withdrawal Freeze

Asset Managers Recommend Bitcoin to Hedge Against US Stock Market Risks

Chinese Miners Worried About a User-Activated Fork Propose Synthetic Fork

U.S. Court Denies Ross Ulbricht’s Life Sentence Appeal

The Crypto Show Discusses Bitcoin Radio

The Curious Dilemma of the Bitcoin ‘Community’ Going Separate Ways

Growing Hype and Ecosystem Surrounding Zcash Launch

SEC Rejects Rule Change for Bitcoin ETF

Storj Partners With Heroku as Marketplace Add-on

14 Industry Luminaries (and an Ode) on the State of Bitcoin 2016

GDAX Announces It Will Absorb Investor Losses From Recent ETH Flash Crash

Nigeria’s Bitcoin Interest Unwavering Despite Government Crackdown

Japan’s NEC Expands Role in Hyperledger Blockchain Project

Again: Bigger Blocks Mean More Decentralization

Russian GPU Prices Spike, Miners Turn to International Markets for Graphics Cards

Russian Presidential Candidate to Accept Bitcoin for Campaign

Bitcoin-Friendly Denmark to Appoint First Digital Ambassador

The Future of Bitcoin Conference Begins in the Netherlands ‘Bitcoin City’

Bitcoin Takes All? Enterprise Blockchains Need Time, Too

New Image Hosting Service Pays Thousands of Uploaders in Bitcoin

Here Are All the Dankest Crypto-Memes of 2016

Bitfinex Now Processing One Time USD Withdrawals

Florida Legislators Pass Bill that Targets Bitcoin-Wielding Cyber Criminals

Venezuela’s National Cryptocurrency Advances But Experts Warn of Corruption

Indian Bitcoin Adoption Responds to Government Signalling for Regulation

Death & Bitcoin: How I Prepared My Family’s Digital Inheritance

Bitcoin is Becoming a De Facto World Currency

Five Geeked Out Fantasies You Can Fulfill Today With Bitcoin Bitcoin Sales Soar 74% Over the Last 6 Months

Congressional Leaders Question IRS Summons to Coinbase

Widespread Ransomware `Wanacry´ Linked to NSA Exploit’s Public Slack Channel Now Open for Bitcoin Discussions

Get Ready for the Decentralized Power Shift: Bolsters Autonomous Organization

Microsoft Rolls Out Its Cloud-Based Ethereum Consortium

Some Blockchain Tokens are Securities, Researchers Find

Mt Gox Creditors Want Bitcoin Exchange Taken Out of Bankruptcy

Coinbase Seeks $1 Billion Valuation From Committed Investors

Former Facebook Exec: Bitcoin Companies Will Lead Defensive Innovation

India’s Crypto Crackdown: Wealthy Bitcoiners Targeted, Start-Ups Scrutinized

Markets Today: Augur, Maidsafe Remarkable, but MoonCoin Awe-Inspiring

Coinify to Roll-Out Bitcoin Integration to 3000 Merchants This Summer

ShapeShift Adds Zcash Support As ZEC Markets Go Wild

SEC Delays Decision on SolidX Bitcoin Trust

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Blockchain Highway

Bitcoin Solves Runaway Inflation by Undermining Trusted Third Parties

Bitcoin Price on Quick Rebound After ETF Dive

Is Softforking to Segwit “Radical” and “Irresponsible?

What to Expect From Ledgerx’s ‘Physically-Settled’ Bitcoin Options

Bitcoin Investing: A 10,000-Year View

Bitcoin Isn’t Sapping Demand for Gold, Says Goldman Sachs Exec

BitBoost to Launch the Block, a ‘Decentralised EBay’

How Practical is it to Live on Bitcoin in Philippines and South Korea?

Lunyr Announces Crowdsale for the First Decentralized World Knowledge Base on Ethereum

Deutsche Bank Survey Sees Blockchain Adoption in Six Years

West Virginia Bill Aims to Define Bitcoin as a Monetary Instrument

Australia’s Law to End Double Taxation of Bitcoin Stalled

Rise of the Bitcoin Politician: Austin Petersen’s Scrappy Run for US Senate

Win rewards while having a blast: Crypto Gravity from ionomy Studios

Bitcoin’s Transaction Queue Sets a New Record

Ledger Announces Blue Hardware Wallet Pre-Order

Despite Falling Revenue, ICO Fever Remains High

Following Demonetization India Is Changing Its Outlook On Bitcoin

Your Bitcoins Open to CIA and Criminals, Heed Wikileaks’ Warning

Bitcoin Under Trump, Including a State’s Rights Battle

Digital Asset Trading is Going Viral, And You Don’t Even Need to Log In

Forget QR Codes, NFC Bitcoin Wallet Cards Are Here

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Market Cap Commands $46 Billion

OneCoin-Style Russian Ponzi MMM Global Targets Kenya

Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 Enables SegWit to Ease Block Sizes

Yours Updates Reveal Many Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Abra Now Offers Deposits and Withdrawals at 60+ US Financial Institutions

FX Markets Shrink While Bitcoin Expands

Bitpay’s Copay Wallet Gets an Intel Upgrade

Price Perseveres Above 4-Digit Sweet Spot

Congressional Caucus Launched to Study Digital Currencies and Blockchain

Coinbase Halts Bitcoin Cash Trading Abruptly After Exchange Launch

India is Paying $900+ for Bitcoin Amid Cash Crisis

The Butterfly Effect of Chinese Bitcoin Regulations

Seattle-Based Cannabis Merchants are Accepting Bitcoin for Pot Sales

Markets Update: Massive Gains Year-to-Date Across Crypto-Markets

Markets Update: Several Coins Surging as Crypto-Economy Value Tops $600 Billion

Blockchain Startup Everex Aims for Financial Inclusion

Litecoin Reaches Round Table Resolution for Protocol Upgrade

PBOC Proposes In Person Verification for Account Opening at Exchanges, Withdrawals Still On Hold

SEC Suspends Trading in Publicly Traded `The Crypto Company´ after 2500% Rise

Barry Silbert Reveals 10 Bitcoin Predictions for 2017

Bitcoin Investment Trust Raises Offering to $1 Billion, Signs on Credit Suisse and Wedbush

‘Clear and Loud’: Parity to Drop First Bid for Frozen Ether Fix

Bitcoin Tipping App ChangeTip Closes Its Doors

Yuan Heading for Big Drop – What China’s Outflows Mean for Bitcoin

South Korea to Lower Capital Requirements for Bitcoin Remittance Businesses

Venezuelan Authorities are ‘Weakening’ Bitcoin Mining Operations

Cryptocurrency Gets Its Own Comedy In “Bitcoin” – the Movie

Bitgive Launches Transparency Platform

German TV Channel Says Bitcoin Is “Digital Gold”

China Snoops on Transactions as Great Firewall Shifts West

IRS May not Get as Much Customer Data From Coinbase as Requested

Former Barclays Chief Says Blockchain and Crypto Could Make Banks Irrelevant

ChronoBank launch website ahead of December crowdfunding campaign

Ethereum Appcoin Matchpool CEO Suspected of Mishandling ICO Funds

EY Uses Bitcoin ATMs to Raise Awareness at the World Web Forum

2016 Big Year for Ransomware – 70% Pays in This $1 Billion Industry

On-Site Verification May Be Required to Withdraw From Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges

Bitcoin’s Other Scaling Problem

SEC Wants Companies Issuing Tokens to Protect Their Investors

Bitpay Founder Stephen Pair Addresses Conspiracy Theories

Top Trends Pushing Bitcoin Towards The Mainstream

Nobel Winner Robert Shiller: Bitcoin Is Too ‘Ambiguous’ to Value

Is It Too Late for Barry Silbert’s Scaling Compromise Proposal?

Needham’s Insights Into Factors Affecting SEC’s Decision on Bitcoin ETFs

Japan Has Become a Big Player Within the Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoiners Resort to Jerry-Rigged Solutions to Send Bitcoin

Singapore’s Central Bank Builds Blockchain Lab With R3 Now Offers Mining Servers at Discounted Rates

The Race Towards Truly Anonymous Cryptocurrency Is On

Central Bank of Samoa Issues Warning Against Digital Currency

Tealet is Decentralizing the Tea Industry with Bitcoin

Second Annual Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise ‘Massive Success’

Bitcurex Forced to Shut Down After $1.5 million Theft

iEx.Ec Reveal Tech Behind World’s First Blockchain Decentralised Cloud at EDCON

Bitcoin Transactions Declared VAT-Exempt in Norway

The Future of Bitcoin Conference 2017

Single-Family Offices Are Diversifying Investments With Bitcoin

New Academic Paper Suggests Bitcoin is Resistant to State Control

Augur’s App Token Doubles in Price to Top $100

Examining SEC’s Decision to Reject Bitcoin ETF

Reports of China Banning Bitcoin Are Greatly Exaggerated

Markets Update: Bitcoin Price Cools Down After Slight Correction

Bitcoin Price Climbs Towards the $2K Range

Bitspark Enters $20 Billion Pakistani Remittance Market

FBI Releases ‘Primer’ Successfully Infiltrating Darknets

Bitcoin Bubble? Analysis Suggests More Room to Grow

Antminers May Contain Backdoor Vulnerability…Or Buggy Security Feature

Suchflex Turns Idle Computing Power Into an Incentivized Network

Bitcoin 2016: the Year of a Different Rise

Trump’s Trade War With China Could Boost Chinese Bitcoin Demand

Bitcoin Price Surpasses 2013 All Time High

SEC Begins Soliciting Comments On Bitcoin Investment Trust

Changelly and WINGS Foundation Partner to Provide Seamless Multi-Currency Support for Blockchain Crowdfunding

Scam Alert Round-Up: We Grow Bitcoin, Ethereumchamber and Ethereum Project

Estonia Inches Closer to National ‘Crypto Token’ Launch

Freelancing and Bitcoin: the Standalone Economy

Canadian Court Sends Perpetrator of Plexcoin ICO Scam to Jail

Segregated Witness and the Possibility of Patent Infringement

Largest Czech Online Retailer Alza Accepts Bitcoin, Installs 2 Bitcoin ATMs in Showrooms

Bitcoin Powerhouse Bitfury Initiates Global Blockchain Business Council in Davos

Mt. Gox Creditors Shouldn’t Expect Restitution in 2017 Either

U.S. Government Cracks Down on Illegal Bitcoin Money Transmitters

Ethereum Developers Stymie Blockchain Spammer’s Latest Attack

Bitcoin Helps to Put Slovenia Fintech Scene on the Map

Bitcoin Community Rallies Around Bitcoiner Attacked at UC Berkeley

Bitcoin Nostalgia: Can Some Bitcoins Be Worth More Than Others?

Fake News? Former New Zealand Prime Minister Denies Investing in Bitcoin

Bitcoins Bootcamp Brings Cryptocurrency Education to Colombia

Legislators: “Bitcoin has Broad Benefits for Hawaii”

PR: How to Profit from “The Flippening”

$300 Million Lockup: Storj Clarifies Token Economics in Surprise Reveal

Investors Commit $100 Million to Overstock’s tZERO Token Sale

Netcents and VISA Team up to Offer Bitcoin Purchases via Credit Card

The Satoshi Revolution – Chapter 3: Do You Want a Government Fiat Crypto? (Part 4)

SEC Delays Decision on Barry Silbert’s BIT after Receiving Scathing Comments

Rupee Out, Bitcoin In: How India Could Become New China

New Dandelion Proposal Aims to Anonymize Bitcoin Transaction Broadcasts

Scheduled Scaling Updates for the Bitcoin Network Are Getting Closer

The Case for Using mBTC Over BTC Denominations

Interview: Impact of Demonetization on Ordinary Indians

18-Year Old Erik Finman Details How Bitcoin Made Him a Millionaire

Gocelery Bitcoin Exchange Suspends Deposits and Withdrawals

Legality of Basic Attention Token and Other ICOs Called Into Question

Humaniq Project collected $1,300,000 in the first hour of ICO

New Dual Blockchain Crowdfund set to run by GameCredits Team

Review: Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies

Third Blockchain Project Joins Hyperledger Incubator

Living Room of Satoshi Expands Service Adding Dash

Cryptoseed Adds Security to Your Bitcoin Recovery Seed

The IRS is Due to Present its Digital Currency Strategy to Congress Next Week

Zeronet Wants to Replace the Dark Web by Marrying Bitcoin to Bittorrent Over Tor

There’s a Big Difference Between Electronic Fiat and Cryptocurrency

How Altcoins Complement Bitcoin

Rising Network Fees Are Causing Changes Within the Bitcoin Economy

US Commodities Regulator Proposes Definition for Cryptocurrency ‘Delivery’

Luis Buenaventura Highlights ‘Bitcoin’s Strongest Use Case’

UAE Did Not Ban Bitcoin

Regulatory Pressure Forces BitLendingClub to Close

Chinese Government Hosts Blockchain Conference

SEC to Discuss Blockchain Tech in Public Fintech Forum

Uganda Considers Future Cryptocurrency Regulations

CFTC Chair: Cryptocurrencies ‘Unlike Any Commodity’ Agency Has Seen

PR: XinFin.Org Blockchain Releases Business White Paper Showcasing IoT Enabled Real World Connectivity

Bitcoin’s Price Captures a New High Touching $18,000

Russian Government To Introduce KYC Guidelines For Cryptocurrency Purchases

Monero Mining Malware Hits Russian Pipeline Giant Transneft

Scandinavian Investor Pivots: Sells All Stocks and Buys Bitcoin

PR: Legends Room Brings the Blockchain to the Pole Announces Token Crowdsale to Launch First Distributed Cloud Platform

Spacex Launching 4,425 Broadband Satellites in 2019: What it Means for Bitcoin

Blockchain Surveillance Tool Created for Banks to Visualize Bitcoin Risks

U.S. Bitcoin Futures Markets Pump Up ETF Optimism

Global Cannabis Seed Banks Are Accepting Bitcoin

Mysterium To Build Blockchain-based VPN for Secure, Anonymous Internet Connection

Two Days of Cboe’s Bitcoin Futures Show Intense Volume Fluctuations

Bitpay to Launch Bitcoin Wallet App for Windows Phone Market

Trezor Redesigns Wallet Interface and Adds Advanced Recovery Feature

Needham: Banning Does Not Prevent Bitcoin Adoption

‘Only One Blockchain Matters’ an Interview With Bobby Lee

$20k Bitcoin? Changing Charts Favor Crypto Rivals

PR: 18+ Content on the Blockchain: the Okoin System Launches ICO

Chinese Congresswoman: ‘PBOC Should be Responsible for Bitcoin AML’

Still Time to Make Bitcoin Donations and Give Less to the IRS

The Global Hackathon: A Decentralized Crowdfunding Model

MGT Capital & Bitmain Focus On U.S.-Based Bitcoin Mining

What’s the Big Deal About Bitcoin Above the Gold Price Anyway?

Basel Institute: “Take Action Against Digital Currency Mixers/Tumblers”

Crowdfunding Giant Indiegogo Opens to ICOs

Alaska Introduces A Bill to Regulate and License Bitcoin Businesses

Using an Altcoin to Save a Few Cents May Not Be Worth It

Over 300 BTC in High Stake Jackpots Available at Bitcoin Games

NSA’s Leaked Malware is Being Weaponized by Criminals

Discovering the Many Diverse Types of Cryptocurrency Proponents

Bitcoin Futures Codes: How to Read Them And What They Mean

Satoshipay is Taking Bitcoin Nanopayments to the Mainstream

Bitcoin Growing Fast In Unbanked Indonesia

Industry Thinks President Trump Will Be “Bitcoin Friendly” Ahead of Cybersecurity Order

Why Jim Harper Is Dead Wrong on Bitcoin

UK Asset Manager Integrates Exchange-Traded Bitcoin Product

Former FBI Director: ‘Virtual Currencies Obscure Investigations’

$17k Breached: Bitcoin Price Now Down 15% from All-Time High

Meet Tumblebit: The Unlinkable Payment Hub

Antpool Points 75% Hashpower at BU, While Exchanges Confirm Listing a Split

Make Most From Crypto-Trading With CryptoPing AI Bot

World Blockchain Forum Returns to Dubai

Five Potential Blockbusters Looking to Boost Bitcoin in 2017

The Practice of Predicting the Price of Bitcoin

PR: Bitcoin Community Grows with Online Gambling Site

Singapore’s Central Bank Creates Financial Tech Partnerships

Royal Mint Announces Gold-Backed Blockchain Settlement

Media Frenzy in Japan as Bic Camera Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Blockchain Brain Drain Is About More Than Money

Why ‘Billionaire’ Novogratz Holds 10% of His Wealth in Bitcoin and Ether

Survey Shows Bitcoin Has Much Room to Grow with Retail Investors

US Lawmakers Urged to Take Action Against Unlicensed Offshore Bitcoin Exchanges

North Korean Hackers Stole $88,000 Worth of Bitcoin Each Month from 2013-2015

Indospace Allows Cannabis Merchants to Accept Bitcoin Effortlessly

Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Youbit to Close After Second Hack in a Year

Japanese Internet Giant GMO Postpones Launching Bitcoin Trading Platform

Chinese Whale Buys Fleet of F1 Cars Worth £4 Million with Litecoin

Bitcoin Funding & Education For Zimbabwean Farmers

Bitcoin Drives Revolution and ‘Startup Government’ for Syrian Kurds

Segwit Status Report – Here Are 10+ Lightning Network-Style Apps in Use Right Now

Bitcoin’s Meteoric Price Rise to the Moon Reaches $2000

John McAfee: Wake the F*** up to Consumer Security Threat

Falling GBTC Premium Indicates Market Expects SEC to Approve Bitcoin ETFs

Are Asian Markets Creating a Bitcoin Price Bubble?

80% of Businesses Lose to Ransomware via Social Media, Phishing

Markets Update: The New Year’s Cryptocurrency Rollercoaster

Scrutiny Intensifies as Tether Exceeds Supply of 1 Billion USDT

SEC Suspends Crypto Firm’s Stock After Big Price Boost

Analyst: Bitcoin’s Market Cap Could Grow ‘Well Beyond $100 Billion’

Markets Today: Bitcoin Still Rising but Ripple Won the Day

Bitcoin is the Blockchain’s Killer Application

Anarchapulco Freedom Conference Dedicates Full Day to Crypto

Lunyr Partners with Airbitz to Increase Adoption of the Lunyr Platform

Bitmain’s Office Walls Defaced in Nighttime Raid

Bitcoin’s Price Value Eyes More Gains

Coinbase Temporarily Disables Ross Ulbricht’s Account, Hires Silkroad Prosecutor

‘Friendliest’ Bitcoin Wallet iPayYou Now Sells Gift Cards

Bitcoin Exchange Youbit to Declare Bankruptcy After Hack

Bitcoin Experiences an Intense Flow of New Money and Mainstream Attention

Engineer Reveals ‘Satoshi-Style’ Whitepaper for P2P Internet

Did Barclays Just Declare War on Bitcoin Users?

Bitcoin Price on a Wild Ride as Market Anticipates ETF Decision

PR: Nimiq Delivers the World’s First Browser-Based Blockchain Technology to Enable Mass Adoption

Russia’s Central Bank Drafting Proposal to Classify Bitcoins as Digital Goods

New Podcast Episode with Patrick Dugan of Bond Issuing Omni

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Price and Market Share Dominance Declines

SibCoin: The Cryptocurrency That Outsailed Dash and Conquered Siberia

Corda Blasted as R3 Fail Funding Goals

Director Cannucciari on Making “Banking on Bitcoin”

Orocrypt; The Ethereum Blockchain Meeting the Precious Metals

Ukraine Latest Central Bank Considering Bitcoin Tech

Revised Tax in Effect From Today In Japan, Giving Residents ‘Access to Global Markets’

Enigma Project Announces ‘Catalyst’ a Decentralized Hedge Fund Platform

Parity Technologies Introduces New Bitcoin Software Written in Rust

Bitcoin Investment Trust Could IPO by October

Using Blockchain to Fight the Fake Diploma Nightmare

‘First Sanctioned’ Bitcoin POS Tools for Cannabis Hit Cali, Oregon

US Prosecutor: Tracking Criminals Taught Me Blockchain Is a Tool for Good

Price Reports and Tales From China-Dizzy Bitcoiners

Megaupload 2.0 Stalling but the Market Is Paying Attention

Bitcoin’s Inverse Relationship to the US Dollar Is Breaking Down

Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board OK with Bitcoin for Pot

Japanese City Accepts Bitcoin Donations

World’s First Peer Reviewed Smart Contract Paper

Exchange Founder Jered Kenna Gets Crafty in Colombia

Big Names Gather When North American Bitcoin Conference Comes Back to Miami

Markets Today: Maidsafe Making a Strong Statement

Markets Today: Steem Gathering Steam, Maidsafecoin Marvelous

Italy’s Largest Taxi Fleet Accepts Bitcoin

IRS Demands Coinbase Records In Surprise Tax Probe

Colombia’s Poor Banking Infrastructure Great Potential for Bitcoin

Australia’s Government Renews Efforts to End Double Taxation of Bitcoin

WeFunder Equity Investment Gets a Bitcoin Lift

Inside Fintech Seoul Reveals Full Conference Program

Russian Tax Office Updates Legal Stance On Bitcoin

Dubai Legislation Committee Hosts Bitcoin Workshop

PR: Dimpay ICO – Don’t Miss Your Chance to Invest in Dimpay Before the Exchange Listing!

US Blames Bitcoin Ransomware Attack Wannacry on North Korea

How Trump’s Wall and Remittance Tax Could Give Bitcoin a Boost

​Remittance-Demanding Countries Dominate Bitcoin Searches in 2016

Britain’s Largest Broker Offers Exchange-Traded Bitcoin Investments

Major DDoS Attacks Hit

Two U.S. Senators Submit a Bill to Investigate Digital Currencies

S&P: Widespread Blockchain Implementation Could Affect Ratings

Yours Network Moves to Litecoin, Plans Full Launch on May 30

Local Chinese Government Helps Fund Blockchain Startup

Attacks on Data Privacy May Get Scarier in 2017

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Battle Against the Bear Market

Leaked Documents, Withheld Funds, and Altcoin Pumps: Bittrex Faces Increasing Scrutiny

Trump Signs Defense Bill Authorizing Blockchain Study

Markets Update: Bulls Test the Psychological $1200 Price Range

Navcoin Launches NavTech: an Anonymous, Fully Decentralized Network

Open3D Club Utilizes Bitcoin to Create a 3D Printing DAO

Permissionless Bitcoin Creates Job Opportunities for Ex-Offenders

How Specifically The EU & US Intend To Tax Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin Miner BTCS Raises $1 Million in New Funding

MIT Launches Blockcerts Certification Using Bitcoin

Darcrus will Launch Prototype during its Initial Coin Offering

SibCoin: Siberia Down, China to Go

2018 Pyeongchang United States Olympic Luge Team to Accept Bitcoin Donations

Legendary Investor Bill Miller Now Holds Half His Hedge Fund in Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s ‘Segwit2x’ Scaling Proposal: Core Developers Strike Critical Stance

PR: Bitcoin Giant, Bread, Launches Native Rewards Token (Brd) to Become Global Digital Asset Platform

Stash Launches ‘Bank In A Box’ Bitcoin Full Node

North Dakota’s New Bitcoin Bill Fails For Now

Bitfury Mines a Block Signaling UASF Mandatory Segwit Deployment

Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Begin Rebounding

Several New Hardware Wallet Features Introduced As Demand Increases

Ohio Inmates Built Computers Printing Passes, Accessing Tor and Bitcoin Wallets

Japan’s Near-Zero Savings Rates and Pension Problems Drive Retail Investors to Bitcoin

Scammy Ads and News Factories Are Having a Field Day With Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin’s Code a Form of Free Speech?

Switzerland’s SBB Railway Offers Bitcoin at 1,000 Kiosks

Accepting Bitcoin is Easy and Opens Businesses to New Customers

Introducing the ‘Do Nothing Technologies’ Blockchain-Based ICO

Zero Knowledge Proofs & Bitcoin: The Tech Behind the Brave Browser Shares Skyrocket as Morgan Stanley Buys Passive Stake in Bitcoin-Friendly Company

Charitable Donations Using Bitcoin Continue to Rise

Popular Bitcoin App Breadwallet to Launch Built-In Exchange

Making ‘EthereRum’ Distilled by a Bitcoin Miner